Through years of experience, we have come to know the first truth:

No leader can do it all, regardless of talent and dedication.

And out of this, comes the second truth:

To be effective, focus on the things you do best, and leave the rest to the experts.

We are THE EXPERTS, providing effective solutions for your business towards becoming flexible and cost-efficient  which are the two main elements for sustainability.

Our company is gathered together with the single goal of providing high quality services, eLink has gone a long way since its inception five years ago, we are then dedicated in aiming to meet our very own internal need to better serve our clientele.

With our over thirty full-time staff and over five departments in 2012, eLink has grown into a leading service provider with our seasoned professionals offering services to bigger clients in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and all other countries across the globe.

Our services cater from voice, data entry, outsourcing, offshoring, website creation and maintenance, digital marketing, web systems & applications and other services to ensure your business' growth. Our talented team has over 25 years of combined experience in BPO and marketing industry guided by our well-accomplished board of directors from manufacturing, construction and banking industries to give you the excellent service that you deserve. 

As a company that cares, eLink advocates what Celebrated Singaporean Leader Lee Kuan Yew has to say:

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not,

you are putting yourself out of business.

Your needs are what we do best, so how about a partnership? Together, we can design solutions that will move you closer to the success you deserve. There really is no need to compromise on unnecessary investments. Remember the second truth, and leave the rest to us.

Our Vision

A premier vendor of choice for world-class outsourced solutions in a fast growing industry where employees realize their full potential empowering them to positively contribute to society.

Our Mission

- To provide our clients premier services to support their growth and success

- To provide our employees personal and career growth opportunities by developing programs to cultivate and enhance their potentials.

- To contribute our time, effort and resources to
make a difference in our society.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We believe that by building an agreeable relationship in all our connections serves as a fertile ground where we can create opportunities that can sprout, grow profitably, and produce more opportunities.

We are not just your outsourced talents, but we are your business partners. We keep in mind that we own your business, and that our ultimate goal is your business' success. Once we achieve this goal, only then we have attain our own success.  

It is said that supporting is maintaining what’s already there, and that’s not the mere thing we offer. We boost and stimulate for development, for growth, for innovation, and for support. All of these are the elements that you need towards achieving your business' full potential. 

We have confidence in our synergy. We believe that by working together, sharing and combining ideas, we will not only lead in realizing shared goals, but also in producing results that far surpasses expectations. Out of this comes the added benefit of an enhanced connection that makes the journey towards success even more satisfying. 


We greatly value the trust bestowed to us and more than that, the very act of trusting us is priceless in itself. That’s why we are dedicated to develop and maintain a level of integrity that gives our customers the feeling of being secure in our services. 

Every second counts, but so does the end product to which those seconds were spent. That is why in everything we do, we make sure that resources are aptly spend, without allowing any compromise on the end results.

In every endeavor, success is always the ultimate aim, but in eLink, that is not the case. Our everyday goal is to be outstanding, be it in the big or small roles we hold and because we do exceptionally well, success is the one that’s chases us, and not the other way around.

Our Team of Experts

eLink houses a wide array of BPO  and marketing talents, ready to be deployed 24/7 to address our customers’ immediate and long-term needs. These talents have undergone a meticulous screening process and standardized skills trainings making them capable of performing at the highest quality possible.