Pushing Forward: The Top Tech Trends for 2017

It’s no secret that technology is evolving much faster in this day and age thanks to the wealth of resources and the collective efforts of brilliant minds around the world continuously finding ways to innovate existing practical aspects of modern society. And because the pace of technology is going at a breakneck speed, companies everywhere are expected to keep up with the swift changes or else risk getting outdated in terms of crafting their business development strategies to their clientele. Last time, we talked about the top outsourcing solutions that businesses should watch out for in the coming year. This time around, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top tech trends that will influence companies everywhere once 2017 rolls around.

Artificially intelligent machinery

No longer relegated to the wondrous annals of science fiction, artificial intelligence is slowly carving out its path into mainstream accessibility once engineers and scientists are able to design and perfect machines and gadgets embedded with software that can think for itself and adapt to the needs of end users. The more cutting-edge methods developed by today’s inventors move beyond old-fashioned rule-based processes to create structures that recognize, learn, calculate, acclimate and potentially function independently. This is what makes smart machines appear “intelligent.”

Virtual and augmented reality

With consumers now eager to participate in immersive customer experiences, innovative businesses that like to think outside of the box might want to consider the applications of virtual (VR) or augmented reality (AR) within their business marketing strategies. This particular field in technology will significantly transform the way people approach their curiosity and potential patronage to certain brands since VR/AR experiences are totally thrilling ways to reach out to a modern customer base. Stepping into digitally constructed worlds that are patterned after the themes and motifs of a particular company is a major game-changer for those who are willing to invest in such high-tech wonders.

Conversational systems

Pushing the boundaries of customer communication and interaction has now entered a new era thanks to the innovative minds at some of the best tech developers around the world. Think about the smart AI programs named J.A.R.V.I.S. and F.R.I.D.A.Y. that Tony Stark/Iron Man created from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but applied into a real-world setting; this is basically the framework from which businesses could potentially use to engage with their core demographics. Some fantastic examples of existing technologies that already utilize a natural-language user interface include Siri in Apple’s iPhone, Cortana in Microsoft’s array of Windows-powered products, and Alexa in Amazon’s smart speaker and home automation device, Echo.

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