Real Talk: Debunking the Top Myths About Outsourcing

For most businesses, they certainly have no problems whatsoever outsourcing their operations to offshore locations. But there are, of course, some companies who are rather wary about endorsing their workload to third parties. Chief among their reasons for hesitation is the fact that they generally view BPO services as potential risks that could threaten the stability of their daily business. While their qualms are quite understandable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely justified either. Many established global brands can attest to the benefits of partnering with offshore companies providing outsourcing solutions to help them achieve their goals. That being said, here are some of the top myths about outsourcing that are debunked for your clarification.

Myth #1: Companies do it to cut corners

In reality, there’s not that much of a difference if businesses spend money to hire people to do a specific type of job. Granted, offshoring tasks might be slightly cheaper since foreign labor costs commonly undergo global exchange rates; but the bottom line is that companies are not into outsourcing because they want to cut corners, but because they are smart enough to funnel their financial resources in the right channels. If they feel that they could produce great results and save money in the process by selecting offshoring, then it’s likely they’ll go for the one that will help them be more fiscally strategic.

Myth #2: Offshoring firms have inadequate facilities

Just because tasks are being outsourced to developing countries doesn’t mean that the business handling those jobs have no resources to make them happen. Western companies shouldn’t underestimate the value of outsourcing hubs in different countries since these places have a veritable wealth of talent that could prove to be strong assets despite their geographical limitations. In fact, savvy companies prefer to make personal site visits to the headquarters of prospective offshoring services so they could assess whether they are sufficiently equipped to deal with the tasks being asked of them.

Myth #3: The results from outsourcing are subpar

This is a rather unfair judgment towards offshoring companies since most of them are working very hard to project a reliable image that will attract potential clients. A lot of these hardworking firms are quite stringent when it comes to delivering exceptional results since they don’t want to let down their clientele and be potentially blacklisted from getting any further business with other brands seeking outsourcing as a means to augment their operations. Logically, there’s no way an offshoring business would ever risk producing nothing less than the best since customers anywhere expect nothing but the highest standards towards their products and services.

Myth #4: Outsourcing means taking jobs away from local individuals

A company that elects to outsource part of their operations elsewhere shouldn’t be viewed as the enemy of local employment. Offshoring is intended to be merely a supporting branch of a larger whole where local individuals can still have the chance to be hired in other alluring job opportunities. Viewed from this perspective, it’s safe to say that outsourcing is not that big of a deal since everyone has a good chance of working for a company that treats their workers fairly.

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