Spring Forward: Outsourcing Trends to Look Out For in 2017

There’s no denying the fact that technology is moving at a very rapid pace that businesses everywhere are scrambling to keep up with the lightning-fast speed of change to help improve their brands. Companies are constantly on the hunt to make sure that they are not left behind when it comes to the latest advancements in technology. And because this technological evolutionary path is allowing people to make their tasks so much easier to manage, it goes without saying that things can only get better as improvements in both hardware and software continue to reshape the way BPO services are being handled on a daily basis. That being said, you should look at the trends that will redefine outsourcing solutions in the coming year and beyond.

Consolidate everything to make things simple

Remember the term ‘omnichannel’ because you’ll probably be hearing about it once 2017 rolls around in just a few months. Simply put, omnichannel is a type of business model that utilizes a combination of several different channels of support in order to enhance customer experience. Everyone knows that customer service is an integral aspect of any good business, so implementing an omnichannel model allows businesses to be more aware of their interactions with consumers and helps them pinpoint the weaknesses that they need to correct and the strengths that they should frequently sustain.

A seamless integration of the cloud

Companies that offer a wide variety of outsourcing services are turning to cloud based computing as a means to upgrade their facilities. While this is not a completely brand new concept among industry insiders, it is an exceptional opportunity for companies due to the swiftness and simplicity in which it can be applied. Cloud-based services provide 24/7 support and deliver real flexibility, principally in their capacity to be assimilated with several third-party customer relationship management platforms.

Virtual agent tracking will now be much smoother

Faster internet speeds and videoconferencing have now made it possible for employers to track and monitor the progress of their remote agents assigned to perform their outsourced duties. Even when both parties are literally thousands of miles away from each other and live in contrasting time zones, they can coordinate seamlessly thanks to the ever-evolving upgrades in modern communication. From the sending and receiving of documents to holding conversations through internet calls, working remotely is something that will be taking center stage as the new year approaches.

Judicious usage of social media for greater impact

The ubiquity of social media within modern society has allowed companies to be more creative with their client engagements. As such, businesses are now focusing their marketing and customer service efforts on ensuring that their social media presence is consistently active and responsive to the preferences and concerns of their clientele. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Vine, businesses can effectively disseminate their marketing campaigns on a broader scale as well as directly connecting with their customers when they need assistance on the go.

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