Vision Quest: The Top Marketing Trends That Will Define 2017

Every serious company worth their salt knows how extremely important the element of marketing is to their business. Without this essential business strategy, they might as well set themselves up for failure because there’s no way a consumer will find out about them if they don’t market themselves properly. Whether the approach is through traditional means or by modern avenues like digital marketing the bottom line here is that businesses can have a broader reach towards their consumer base if they know exactly how to market themselves in the right way. With the new year fast approaching, here are some of the top marketing trends that will define 2017.

Native advertising

To the uninitiated, native advertising is a type of online promotion that is commonly disguised in the style and function of the platform upon which it appears. Most BPO services frequently use this type of advertising to their advantage because they often funnel part of their marketing budgets towards the payment for native promotion of their content.

Influencer marketing

Sometimes, companies will often associate themselves with well-known individuals in order to have their products and services promoted. This method is effective because when businesses collaborate with popular social media stars, then their brand will reach a much wider audience since they are paying these influencers to help promote their business and gain further exposure.

Photos and videos

People are primarily visual-oriented when it comes to favoring certain brands or companies since design and aesthetics are a major factor in their patronage decisions. Creating engaging multimedia content for marketing campaigns enhances the experience since consumers can get to witness the creativity of a specific company when they are curious about a certain viral video or an arresting print ad.

Social media engagement

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Vine, the world has multiple options and platforms to choose from when it comes to using social media as a tool for connectivity. Today, companies are now savvy to the ways of this technologically astute society since they are reaching out to them through various social media networks in order to better engage with their target demographics.

Mobile applications

Many businesses nowadays are partnering with tech and software developers to take their marketing approach to the next level by creating dedicated apps of their brands. This makes complete sense because most people are now anchored to their smartphones and other mobile devices. With just a few taps on their phone or tablet screens, consumers can now reach their favorite brands with ease.

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